NorvisJR - Artist Feature (The Nelson Nance is NorvisJr Tour /Kickstarter Project Fund)

When I was 8 years old, I told my Dad I wanted to do music for life. He told me I would fail because, “there isn’t any money in music.” He was right and wrong. There isn’t much money in music, but there is plenty of love. I’ve become successful in using that love to communicate with people and help them understand themselves and society better.

I am raising $5,000 to bring a live audio-visual experience to nine cities: New York, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, DC, and Philly.
— Norvis Jr (kickstarter page)

Born in Dallas Texas to a place of beauty and growth… Nelson Nance. Nelson Nance performs beneath the moniker NorvisJr.  Since a child he created random songs. He sang in church and played in the school band. Moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2011 NorvisJr has released 7 EPs over the last 2 years.

Currently the plan is squarely focused on bringing a dynamic and unique experience to a live setting.

And then one day Nelson is gonna open up a restaurant called Nacho Nacho's. It's gonna be...

NorvisJr sat down with us to tell us a little more about the Tour. He also answered several questions regarding his musical journey, and gave us an interesting glimpse into his magnetically charming personality.  Check out the MUSIC Section of this website to read the full interview.

IRMAX83  by NorvisJR  ( take a listen )

IRMAX83 by NorvisJR  (take a listen)

Excerpt from Bloodhound NY Interview...

BHNY: Tell me more about the upcoming Tour you would like to see come to fruition.

NorvisJr: So...a lot of the songs where I'm singing, I'm freestyling but at them same time after I listen to the songs later they make more and more sense in respect to my human experience.  This is not an unusual phenomena for artist to make things unconsciously that are deeply personal but I started to see a very particular storyline from all the music from the last 4 years this one day about 5 months ago when serendipitously enough I was listening to my music on iTunes shuffle. It wasn't a story I had ever considered thou about self actualization from the destruction and recreation of "self". It was weird cause I couldn't see my music as I had before and I wanted to share the new view with other people. So I decided to bring that story to fruition in my live show but I think it needs to be separate from other shows cause it takes time and space to understand the destruction of yourself in order to sucessfully recreate yourself. It's gonna be real trippy to see in motion. It's a synthy boom bap minimalist experience with trippy minimalist visuals to match.

BOSQUEJO VIDA- Artist Feature (Poem by Langston Black aka LANG$TO)

Still waking seems pointless when reverie remains.
Nirvana....impurities seep through the pours of the sinners like sweat cooling off the skin of snakes.
Beauty can be ingested if fine enough to sniff...line for line the American dream takes.
Time and souls are fed to Father Happiness, and his bounty reveals all that is at stake.
As the sky turns from blue to black....the clouds speak in shades of orange and hues of blood.
It’s in that moment that we remember that life starts with love.
— Langston Black aka LANG$TO

BOSQUEJO VIDA - Artist Feature (Lyrics by Langston Black aka Lang$to)

I see things differently.

Deep breaths... exhale in symmetry.

The gift is sweet...

Don’t hurt your teeth. It’s worth the listenin’.

My Pen gets angry when I don’t use the shit.

I’m usually wit...

musical geniuses.

Our only wish is to stream our existence... through waves on tapes or Discs.

I use to rock Discuss...

my throw back

is like 95’ Gold Packs.

Suede Huaraches, velco straps...

Now Homies is strapped.

I Adapt...

to the terrain.

Sheik a Brooklyn, Shaman beads.

The energy proceeds...

to bleed all you thieves.

Let the light purify. For death ain’t what it seems

is a reminder to live for all human beings.
— Langston Black aka Lang$to