BOSQUEJO VIDA - Artist Feature (Lyrics by Langston Black aka Lang$to)

I see things differently.

Deep breaths... exhale in symmetry.

The gift is sweet...

Don’t hurt your teeth. It’s worth the listenin’.

My Pen gets angry when I don’t use the shit.

I’m usually wit...

musical geniuses.

Our only wish is to stream our existence... through waves on tapes or Discs.

I use to rock Discuss...

my throw back

is like 95’ Gold Packs.

Suede Huaraches, velco straps...

Now Homies is strapped.

I Adapt...

to the terrain.

Sheik a Brooklyn, Shaman beads.

The energy proceeds...

to bleed all you thieves.

Let the light purify. For death ain’t what it seems

is a reminder to live for all human beings.
— Langston Black aka Lang$to