At Home Movie Night- The Weirdest Christmas Films

  • "Silent Night, Deadly Night" (1984)

How would you feel about Christmas, if you saw your family murdered by a homicidal maniac in a Santa Claus outfit??!!  That's a fast track to the shrinks office for sure.  Well in this old school holiday slasher you'll enjoy some creepy Christmas horror with a psycho Santa and plenty of 80's gore.  Get the hot chocolate and Bae, and don't forget the Christmas trees.  Seasonings Bleedings...

  • "BLACK CHRISTMAS" (1974)

Nothing says Happy Holidays better then having a deranged pervert break into your sorority house on Christmas Eve.  Profane and dark, yet still a funny creepy classic.

  • "Chopping Mall" (1986)

Yooo... I remember cooling at the mall trying to talk to girls posted at the arcade.  This movie is classic 1980's ridiculousness.  When kids at the mall decide to throw a party after hours, and get locked in overnight with killer robot security guards, shit goes all wrong.  If you ever wondered what the 80s ever did for you, well it gave you jerry curl activator and Chopping Mall.  Complete with exploding heads and lasers.


Santa comes face to face with 60s Martians.  Some light hearted vegeterian friendly entertainment.   When christmas time captivates the children of Mars they kidnap Santa and take him to space.  Smoke machines and green spandex on deck.

  • Christmas Evil (1980)

Now here's a movie that gives a whole new meaning to "WTF".  It's Christmas time and Santa is getting his naughty and nice list ready.  Better be on your best behavior cause Santa is watching everything you do little kids.  If your bad you might catch a buck fifty for Christmas.  This psycho Santa slasher makes me think twice about who you see in a Santa suit.

  • "Whoever slew aunite roo?" (1972)

Holiday traditions don't usually entail luring children to your house. However, Auntie Roo, has other plans. A bizarre Hansel and Gretel influenced movie with a campy twist.