CHVMBER BRO$ - Interview

Hann_11   &   Langston Black aka Lang$to   of CHVMBER BRO$ collective

CHVMBER BRO$ new album, Chvmber Bro$, is full of instrumental beats combining electronic and hip hop sounds. On the album, produced by both Langston Black aka LANG$TO and Hann_11, are eight tracks and a couple bonus tracks, that showcase a selection of beats made individually by each artist, four tracks each.  All told, Chvmber Bro$ is a headbanger album that shows their individual and collaborative strengths. 

While both were in their first year of attending Fives Town University in Long Island, they were introduced to each other through mutual friends at the school.  The connection was made solid through finding out that each had the same affinity for the music of Slum Village. A chill bond was formed, fast becoming friends, brothers and music partners in crime. Many vinyl record digging adventures were laid ahead. 

Having played shows this summer in NYC has only ignited the fire and the hunger to perform more. As both artist have made their way throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, hitting a variation of venues. Stay tuned to the next Chitter Chatter Weekly for official album release date and info.

Music, is so much more then just trying to put something together to try and make a buck. At least for the Real it is. The growth and creativity I’ve seen since this acceptance, is truth.
— Langston Black aka LANG$TO

Hann_11   &   Langston Black aka Lang$to   of CHVMBER BRO$ collective

BHNY: What was the first Vinyl Record you remember ever listening to?

LANG$TO: Damn, thinking back to the first record I ever listened to is crazy.  If I know what a young Langston was checking for... [laughs]... it was more then likely Curtis Mayfield's Supafly or A Love Unlimited Orchestra's LP.

Hann_11   &   Langston Black aka Lang$to   of CHVMBER BRO$ collective

I also get inspired by the process, the energy that goes into and flows out of creating helps me grow as an artist.
— Langston Black aka LANG$TO


BHNY: When and how did you start making music? Where did the musical journey take place?

LANG$TO: I guess you could say I started making music unintentionally.  What started as a higher learning in Music Business ended up as an obsession for Music Production. The pivotal moment was when I laid hands on an MPC 2000XL, better known as my first wife.  The curiosity for creating music developed during a time when I was spending most of my time outside New York with the brother, Sefu, in his family's house basement studio.  His Pops had the craziest collection of records I had seen at the time and being around such a major collection really helped me as I started to dig for rarities.  That was a place the team started to find their calling as artists and producers.

BHNY: Name two things that inspire you music related and two things unrelated to music...

LANG$TO: Well for starters, other musical compositions. Whether vinyl finds or just new found greatness on the web or at a show.  I also get inspired by the process, the energy that goes into and flows out of creating helps me grow as an artist. As for what may inspire me elsewhere, honestly the city, the people and any place I may find myself.  Watching a ton of movies and anime on the reg helps!

Hann_11   &   Langston Black aka Lang$to   of CHVMBER BRO$ collective

Hann_11   &   Langston Black aka Lang$to   of CHVMBER BRO$ collective

BHNY: How do you believe music changed or evolved in the past 10 years?

LANG$TO: Wow that's a heavy one.  Music is pretty much on a constant scale of change.  Though like most trends all things come full circle.  Right now we find ourselves sandwiched in between the resurgence of the golden era hip hop sound which seems to be coming out of a need for something real.  The biggest change that I have personally seen from the music industry is the shying away from artist development.  It used to be that labels would sniff out the rawest talent and mentor and polish them into something great.  Today that has been thrown out the window and replaced with A&R's who just look for the artist that is already making waves and has already put in the work enough to have gotten notice from a major label.  From here they just take that work and give the artist a bigger platform to promote what is probably shitty sounding commercial vomit and the cycle continues. [laughs] Though I digress.

BHNY:  Is Hip Hop dead?

LANG$TO: Hip hop is not Dead.  Though the industry has tried it's hardest to beat the shit out of it.  You just have to keep an open ear now a days, there are kids keeping the hope for real listeners.  And there really is a ton of talent floating around in this new school of artists coming up.  I myself have always been caught in that golden era sound so I stay far away from the radio waves that are stuck in a top 40 loop.  I just listen to what I like and try to support the movement of growth and creativity that I see is out there.

BHNY:  Who do you feel is changing the game? Or is the future pioneer of hip hop or rap?

LANG$TO: I'm not sure if I can really sum that question up into one person.  I see a lot of people changing the game when it gets down to it.  New kids like Pro Era Movement are bringing the boom bap sound back that I crave, while west coast brother, Kendrick Lamar is teaching the mainstream that hip hop is still kicking.  I would have to say my daily drink of choice is normally some Action Bronson wit a twist of Roc Marciano.  [laughs]  I mean come on, Fuck That's Delicious, Action Bronson's cooking/eating show with VICE TV,  is already taking it to a new level for me.  Aside from MCs, I really listen to Producers, a lot of local Homies who are making those much needed positive vibes.  Shows like BEAT HAUS, where Producers can share their vibes with the community on a larger scale have def changed NYC scene too.  I mean I salute all the vibes out there.

BHNY:  Anything else to add on Music in the Industry?

LANG$TO:  Music, is so much more then just trying to put something together to try and make a buck.  At least for the Real it is.  The growth and creativity I've seen since this acceptance, is truth.

BHNY: Word up. That could be said about all Art forms. [double snaps in the air]  Thank you both for your time and your magnetically charged energy.  There's so much more to understand and enjoy from Chamber Bros. that can only be truly felt through listening. Engulfing yourself in someone's art is like stepping into there soul. Also, if you're lucky enough to get a chance to hear their rare raps, then you are extra blessed.....but shhhh maybe that's just my lil' secret.